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The last nine years I have lived in the Magical city San Francisco, Bay Area . I feel that I have became aware of the Aura, the Vibe & Flavor of a modern metropolis. My Artwork, designs designs tells the story of a Lifestyle that entails a culture of the modern members of society as well as the aged roots individual’s located in the small town America. With that being said I serve while down to earth, dedicated to the mission reserved in my confidance & abilities, yet there is the non-conformity personality that can be seen in parts of my Skater, Punk Rock Artwork. I try to create what I feel will best express to the world the greatness found in us all that we have as individuals share as humanity. I make a effort to keep to what is true thus real in us, that part that makes us human and love to look brilliant in the process. I invite you follow my journey as I navigate this world that is called art ,together we will find a destination to being all that we can be!

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