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Yappy Hour is Approaching!

Hey lil Puppers and Family, we have some fun in store for you. Wed. 7/25/18 from 5:30 - 7 pm we have a Yappy Hour with special guests.

Of course, Pawtrero will be there doling out fun gift bags for cats and dogs. Also, a big round of applause (a-paws) for them always providing us with refreshing beverages!

This time we have a newcomer--Blue Dog, SF's Premier Dog Walking company, so let's show our support by coming down to the park for some neighborly activity. 

PlayPal will also have a table and they will be explaining how their famous APP can find play dates for your dog.

This is not to be missed--if you already have plans, bring your friends down to the park. Everybody loves a big lick on the cheek from our little buddies!


Add to your calendar this Sundays Clean 'n Sweep from 10 am - 12 pm --if you're reading this, we need your body down at the park to help tidy up. There are no magical fairies flying around, it's neighbors like yourselves who dedicate a few minutes once a month. It's fun and we give you the tools and a BRAND NEW T-SHIRT!

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