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Around the Bay Fireworks Alert

Just received this information regarding oooh's and awe's around the bay...

Tips to Prepare your pup:

  • Play white noise or soothing music

  • Take them on a long walk before the fireworks begin

  • Offer comfort and love

  • Be sure your dog has their tag and tracking device on

  • Keep your windows closed

  • Play with a squeaky toy to distract, but don't insist

  • Stuff a Kong with their favorite snacks

  • Try an anxiety vest, e.g., Thunder Shirt, or swaddle them in a cozy blanket

  • You can try desensitizing them, regularly, with firework sounds at a low level on YouTube, etc., and praise and treat them for remaining calm

  • If they like their crate, you can cover the sides with a blanket to muffle the sounds, but don't lock them in

Woofs 'n wags,

The Volunteer Team

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