2011 Founding Donors

Want to help support the maintenance and operations of Rincon Hill Dog Park in 2012? Please visit the Donate page of the website.

Special thanks to Pawtrero Bathhouse & Feed Co. for supplying the dog waste bags at Rincon Hill Dog Park,  to the non-profit SFDOG (San Francisco Dog Owners Group) for acting as the park’s fiscal sponsor, and to Patrol Special Police Officers Scott and Todd Hart for keeping an eye on the park in the evenings and helping to lock it up a couple of nights each week!

The community raised $5,000 to provide the City and County of San Francisco’s Department of Public Works the funding to lease the park from property owner Caltrans through the end of the year 2021.

The community is now raising funds to pay for maintenance and operations of the dog park.

Thank you to the park’s 2011 Founding Donors

(sorted by order received)

Residential Associations & Apartment Complexes

Individuals & Businesses

  • Douglas Hanlin and Kelvin Lynch
  • Joan Eichler
  • James Hatley
  • Anonymous
  • Áine O’Connell
    In memory of Beuji + Taffi + Tiki
  • Chris & Art Honda
  • Julia & John Francis
  • Anonymous
    In memory of BeBe
  • Jamie Whitaker
  • Body by Beau Personal Training
  • Andre Clark
    In memory of Rossi Clark
  • Bergen James
  • Anonymous
    Thank you to J. Mellon for such a great place to live and all those who worked so hard on this project.
  • Jenny + Travis Bogard
  • Linda Henry & Mark Uhrich
    In memory of Borzois Denali and Kilo
  • Michelle Dietz
    In memory of Sir Patrick Machi Dietz
  • Josephine Tam
    Thank you to Nickel Poodle Tam
  • John & Cindy Burg
  • Darcy and Rick McPhee
  • Jim and Joanne MacArthur
  • Jane Green

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