Dog Photos

Please e-mail photos of your dog (no wider than 500 pixels, in .jpg format preferably) along with your dog’s name and your first name for our Dog Photos page to

Dog names A-Z

Bear and Belle (Guardians: Kiet and Pauline)

Boo (Guardians: Susan and Stephen)

Brillo (Guardians: Sherli and Alan)

Capone (Guardians: Amy and Thad)

Mr. Cheese (Guardian: Nerissa)

Cricket (Guardians: Dan and Susan)

Joey (Guardians: Jon and Cindy)

Josie and Doris Day Poodle (Guardians: Scott & Kim)

Maggie (Guardian: Aruna)

Maggie Francis (Guardians: John and Julia)

Nalukai (Guardian: Brenda)

Pippa (Guardian: Britta)

Sammie (Guardian: Áine)

Simon (Guardian: Erin)

SweetPea (Guardian: Patricia)